NSP Scholarship 2023 Money Not Credited, Reasons, Solutions

Are you waiting for the NSP Payment in 2023? If so, this article will assist you in troubleshooting all issues related to NSP. The NSP initiated the process of sending payments to students’ bank accounts in February 2023. Numerous students have already received their NSP payment successfully in their bank accounts. However, there are hundreds of thousands of students who have not yet received any funds from the NSP. Delays in NSP Payments can be attributed to various factors. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the delay in NSP Payments and provide solutions. Please continue reading to obtain comprehensive information.

NSP Money Not Received- Overview:-

Scholarship National Scholarship
Category NSP Money Not Received, Reasons & Solutions
Session 2022-23
Available All India
Total Amount Varies from student to student

NSP Money Not Received

The students who are still awaiting their NSP Payment are feeling anxious about the delay. It is important for these students to understand that there are a large number of students enrolled in the NSP scholarship scheme, and processing each application through NSP and PFMS takes a considerable amount of time. This is not a task that can be completed within a few days.

It is essential for students to recognize that the individuals responsible for sending out the scholarship payments are also human beings. If your application has been verified correctly at NSP, there is no need to worry. You are on track to receive your NSP Payment in your bank account. It may take a bit more time, but you will definitely receive the payment. The only thing you need to do is wait for an additional 8-10 days for your application to be fully processed.

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There is not only one reason behind delay in NSP payment, there are lots of reasons behind NSP payment delay. It’s not about NSP usual taking time only but NSP also rejects students scholarship application which the student have to fix at an earliest. If remain unseen, the application may be deleted from NSP. The possible reasons could be :-

  • You have provided wrong information to NSP.
  • You have uploaded ineligible documents on NSP portal
  • Your bank account may be freezed.
  • You may not be eligible for NSP.
  • You have a good annual income (more than required)
  • The payment file has not been sent to PFMS for payment.
  • Your application may be rejected or marked as detected either at (Institute, district, or state level).

The above mentioned reasons are possible reasons behind NSP delay payments. There are seperate solutions for each problems. The candidates can get solutions of each problem from below links.


The above problems could be reasons behind delay in NSP Payments. There are seperate solutions to every problem faced by students on NSP Portal. We can’t say any definite solution to all NSP problems. Each problem has a seperate solution. If the issue on NSP Or PFMS remains unseen or has not been solved by the students, the NSP may delete the scholarship application from its portal & candidate would not be able to receive payment from NSP. Click the below link to get solution to each problem of NSP & PFMS.

Effective Solutions for NSP Money Not Being Credited

1. Double-Check Bank Account Details

Ensure that you have provided accurate and complete bank account details while registering on the NSP portal. Cross-verify the account number, IFSC code, and other relevant information to eliminate any errors.

2. Contact NSP Helpline or Support

If you encounter any issues or delays in the crediting of NSP money, reach out to the NSP helpline or support team. They can provide you with guidance, updates on the status of your application, and assistance in resolving the problem.

3. Review Eligibility Criteria

Go through the eligibility criteria specified by NSP to ensure you meet all the requirements. If you find that you are not eligible for a particular scholarship or scheme, explore other options or consider seeking guidance from your educational institution or a counselor.

4. Update Bank Account Details

If you have changed your bank account or any relevant details, promptly update the information on the NSP portal. Keeping your account details up to date will ensure smooth transactions and the proper crediting of NSP funds.

5. Be Patient and Persistent

In case of delays or technical issues, it is crucial to remain patient and persistent. Continue following up with the NSP helpline or support team until the problem is resolved. Persistence and clear communication can help expedite the process.

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